Credit Orison Books

Ceremonial, forthcoming May 1, 2018, from Orison Books

Full-length manuscript chosen by Carl Phillips as the winner of the 2017 Orison Poetry Prize.


Credit Anhinga Press

Credit Anhinga Press

Like a Beast, available now from Anhinga Press

Chapbook chosen by Rick Campbell as the winner of the 2016 Rick Campbell Chapbook Prize.

Interview about Like a Beast at Speaking of Marvels

"Bestiary-inspired, Like a Beast rips through mannered narrative and guts postured syntax and grammatical law; Like a Beast bites down to a visceral, emotional core that lies beneath the civilized logic that envelopes even the would-be ‘wildest’ poems. Like a Beast begs you follow it, then hunts you back." - review by MK Foster for Black Warrior Review

"Feral and indignant, each poem in Carly Joy Miller’s Like a Beast is like a small tamed beast: wild inside, but bridled." - review by Anita Olivia Koester for Fork and Page

"Her language is feral and gorgeous, and the way she manipulates sentence structure is everything that you would want out of poetry." - review by Gina Vaynshetyn for Hello Giggles, listed as one of her 27 Best Books of 2017