Credit Orison Books

Ceremonial, forthcoming April 3, 2018, from Orison Books

Full-length manuscript chosen by Carl Phillips as the winner of the 2017 Orison Poetry Prize.


Credit Anhinga Press

Credit Anhinga Press

Like a Beast, available now from Anhinga Press

Chapbook chosen by Rick Campbell as the winner of the 2016 Rick Campbell Chapbook Prize.

Interview about Like a Beast at Speaking of Marvels

"Bestiary-inspired, Like a Beast rips through mannered narrative and guts postured syntax and grammatical law; Like a Beast bites down to a visceral, emotional core that lies beneath the civilized logic that envelopes even the would-be ‘wildest’ poems. Like a Beast begs you follow it, then hunts you back." - review by MK Foster for Black Warrior Review

"Feral and indignant, each poem in Carly Joy Miller’s Like a Beast is like a small tamed beast: wild inside, but bridled." - review by Anita Olivia Koester for Fork and Page