New Poems

Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day Series - “Five Moths” (March 6, 2019)

New South - “Crave Litany” and “The Animals in Fashion” (Spring 2019)(print)

Dirty Paws Poetry Review - "Lo, Litany" (Winter 2017)

Pinwheel - "Brute Litany" (Summer 2017)

Nashville Review - "Beast Litany" (Spring/Summer 2017)
* Inspired a “Mixes from the Editor” playlist, curated by Brianna Albers for Monstering

Poems in Ceremonial and Like a Beast

Poetry International - “Girl Gone Vile: Portrait,” “War Song,” “Weathered Porch” and “Why You Tried to Drown” (reprints) (Issue 25/26)

Verse Daily - "Dayshift Caught in the Ribs" (March 14, 2018)

The Shallow Ends - "Ceremonial in the Mouth of Desire" (Winter 2018)

Pinwheel - "Ceremonial Psalm" (Summer 2017)

Boston Review - "Dayshift as Conduit" (Spring 2017)
* One of Boston Review's Top 25 Poems of 2017

West Branch - "Ceremonial for the Beast I Desired" (Spring/Summer 2017, print)

Ovenbird - "Dayshift as Yours" (Winter 2017)

Zocalo Public Square - "Letter to Body Made Breath" (Winter 2016)

Bone Bouquet - "Dayshift Caught in the Ribs" and "Midshift Contemplating the Heart" (Fall 2016, print)

The Adroit Journal - "Nightshift as Horsebride," "Letter to Body Made Shadow," "Letter to Body Made Mineral," and "Nightshift as Doppelganger" (Summer 2016)

Devil's Lake - "Nightshift as Slaughter," "Nightshift: Waiting for the Search Party," and "Midshift Contemplating the Horse" (Summer 2016)

Gulf Coast - "Dayshift as Girl with a Pearl Earring, Smeared in Ocher" and "Threnody for the Goat's Spine" (Spring 2016, print)

Tinderbox Poetry Journal - "How ugly I've grown"(Spring 2016)

burntdistrict - "When You Find Me, Ragged, Remember" and "Ceremonial: Heart of the Trottered Beast" (Winter 2016)

The Grief Diaries - "Soul's Fable" (Winter 2015)

Third Coast - "Anti-Pioneer" (Fall 2015, print)

Blackbird - "Nightshift as a Waitress: When the Regular Arrives" and "Soul's Colony" (Fall 2015)

Meridian - "Dream Ladder" (Fall 2015)
* Finalist for the 2015 Editors' Prize

Ruminate - "apostle" and "apostle delivers in the kitchen" (Fall 2015, print)
* "apostle" nominated for Best New Poets 2016

Sixth Finch - "girl gone vile: portraiture" (Summer 2015)

Memorious - "Why You Tried to Drown" and "War Song" (Summer 2015)
* "Why You Tried to Drown" nominated for Best New Poets 2016

Souvenir - "Trouble" and "Let the record show I was kind with the pick-axe hovered low by my thigh" (Spring 2015)

Tahoma Literary Review - "Simone's Refrain as Apocalyptic Ballad" (you can also listen to me read the poem here) (Winter 2014)

Cactus Heart Press - "I've always been the girl in the wrong" (Winter 2014, Online Edition)

Muzzle - "On Crying Wolf" (Fall 2014)

Rock & Sling - "apostle drives the coastline" (previewed in newsletter) and "To Form a Prayer" (Fall 2014, print)

Vinyl Poetry - "He Leaves Me to Run Horses" and "Lost Girl Wails Swan Song" (Fall 2014)
* "Lost Girl Wails Swan Song" nominated for a Pushcart Prize

Linebreak - "Letter to Body Made Water" (Fall 2014)

Four Chambers Press - "The Break" and "Tikvah" (Fall 2014, print)

Tupelo Quarterly - "Weathered Porch" (Summer 2014)
* Nominated for Best New Poets 2014 by San Diego State University

Midwestern Gothic - "We Followed the River's Loud Noise" and "Blue Ribbon" (Winter 2013, print)

Other Poems

Four Way Review - "girls gone vile" and "Apprentice" (Fall 2015)

Blast Furnace - "I Keep Cautious Around the Dead" (Summer 2014)